I can personally recommend

I have sat in on enough seminars and workshops to know if the moderator is someone who knows what they're doing, and whom I would recommend. Below are the parliamentarians I personally have had the pleasure of learning from, face-to-face.

          James Lochrie
Jim is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I like the way Jim teaches a subject. He adds a little personality to his presentation. I bought his book, "Meeting Procedures." In the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess that the dust jacket of Jim's book did use my blurb: "... I am glad to see him apply his style into book form ...". (Do I hear a Scottish accent in the preface?)

          Colette Collier Trohan
I have sat in on a presentation of Colette's where she presented some pretty involving work while consulting with a client. She condensed 2-3 months of heavy consulting into a 50-minute success-story case-study seminar for us parliamentarians a year later.

          Nancy Sylvester
Nancy is the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Robert's Rules." She writes articles regularly for the parliamentary periodicals. She is often called upon by event coordinators for presentations for parliamentary educational sessions.

          James Stewart
Jim is local to me, and we are members of the same chapter of A.I.P. I had my first deep lesson on the Ralph M. Brown Act (the Brown Act is the State of California "sunshine law" for government bodies) thanks to Jim's timely presentation to our chapter.