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ABSTRACT, "Alternatives to Robert's Rules":
Some people complain about the complexity of the manual, "Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised." No organization is obligated to use Robert's Rules of Order. The organization is free to draft its own rules of order. Or, the organization is free to adopt a competitor of Robert's Rules. The #2 parliamentary manual in the U.S. is "The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure," which has been adopted by the major medical/dental societies. This competitor is shorter in length, and changes many of the names of the motions into plain English.

Alternatives to Robert's Rules

     Update, 2012:
      The American Institute of Parliamentarians has edited and updated a new edition of above "alternative" manual, namely, "The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure." The new 2012 title is longer: "American Institute of Parliamentarians The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure."
     The name of the original author of editions 1st through 4th, namely, Alice F. Sturgis, no longer appears in the title, nor in the list of authors. The author of this new book was a revision committee of the A.I.P. -- No individuals are named on the cover nor in the inside title page.
     With the new title, the A.I.P. is calling this a "first edition," as the A.I.P. choose not to name this 2012 book as the 5th edition of the series.
     Publisher: McGraw-Hill. Paperback only, no hardcover. Retail list price: $17.00 (USD).